Launched in early 2012 via Facebook, Soul Crash has been enjoyed by more than 9 million users from more than 190 countries. The  anime-themed 2D action battle RPG has exactly the same 3-button fighting system like its desktop predecessor and is determined to reach broader audience with mere 40MB of file size, that guarantees to run on most iOS and Android devices.  The long-awaited Soul Crash EX is currently work-in-progress by Playplus, and scheduled to beta-launch in early 2015 on selected regions, and soon followed by worldwide distribution.

  • Soul Crash counts as the first round of a new era for fighting games on Facebook.

    Leif Johnson, Gamezebo
  • A highly-polished, fun battle game that offers something a little different from the norm.

    Pete Davison, Inside Social Games
  • Soul Crash is a revolutionary experiment with tons of new feats.

    Sara Lau, DotMMO

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